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TRANSEARCH International, founded in 1982, is a leading human resource consulting and executive search firm. Headquartered in Europe, there are sixty offices across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Transearch is organised in global industry practices, thus companies benefit from high calibre professionals with local sector knowledge. Every fortnight the members of each industry practice convene to review global trends and developments in their sector. With a proprietary methodology, which offers a uniform approach across borders, we assist clients with assessments, succession planning and talent development solutions.

Actief in de volgende thema’s:

  • Advies (Techniek / Beleid / Subsidies / Vergunningen)
  • Onderwijs / Training


Naam Bedrijf: Transearch Internation (Nederland) BV
Adres: Barbara Strozzilaan 201, 1082 HN Amsterdam
Tel. bedrijf: +31 (0)20 244 1953
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Naam contactpersoon: Geo Wehry | Frank Nederveen
Functie contactpersoon: Senior Partner
Tel. contactpersoon: +31 (0)6 2704 8555 | +31 (0)6 2392 5545
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