Green Team Twente

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: Vitto Bonnemayers: Team Manager: Universiteit Twente: Postbus 217: 7500 AE Enschede: +31 (0)6 47 24 70 49:

    Since fossil fuels are finite and contribute to air pollution and the production of greenhouse gases, other forms of mobility should be explored. We as Green Team Twente believe in a sustainable future with hydrogen as fuel. Hydrogen offers the same benefits as a conventional fuel (fast refuelling, high range), but does not have the disadvantages if it is produced in a sustainable manner. An additional benefit is that hydrogen can be stored as a solution in storing solar- and wind energy.

    Green Team Twente is a team of young students who develop and build a hydrogen car. With a multidisciplinary team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, industrial designers, industrial engineering and management, international business administration, applied physics, technical computer science, creative technologist, all the ingredients are there to contribute to the future of sustainable mobility by pushing the limits of fuel economy with hydrogen. Part of this is educating the new generation about sustainability and technology. With the car, the team will participate in various eco-marathons around Europe. Previous years, we have won various prizes in these competitions.