Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing

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: Rick Everaert : Team Manager: Stevinweg 4: 2628CN Delft: +31 (0)6 46414005:

    Forze was called to life in 2007 to bring a positive contribution to the sustainability of the mobility industry. With 70 passionate and talented students from mostly the TU Delft Forze build the first hydrogen-electric race car. The goal of the team is to promote the use of hydrogen in race cars. During the eight years Forze exists they have built six cars and achieved multiple great things with these cars like building the fastest hydrogen race car ever.

    “Our mission is to promote fuel cell technology by educating our own team members and the general public, inspiring industries to use this technology. By designing and building high performance hydrogen race cars, we demonstrate the potential and applications of this technology, and innovate utilizing existing technologies to speed up its popularization.”

    “We believe that hydrogen technology will power our lives. We are convinced that hydrogen-powered vehicles will overtake combustion-engine cars in the future and are an essential addition to battery powered cars. As pioneers in hydrogen racing technology, we aim to be a serious contender for high-tech petrol racing cars, proving that this technology is reliable, feasible and exciting for the future we envision.”

    Year goal:
    “The year goal of Forze is to win the sport class of the Supercar Challenge on the Gamma Racing Day 2017.”