Over NedStack

NedStack was established in 1998 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The company is currently Europe’s largest producer of PEM fuel cells stacks, and is one of the largest producers in the world. NedStack is using its own unique and patented technology in both its PEM fuel cell stacks and systems.

The increasing demand from applications like trucks and buses, power plants and back-up devices is requiring the company to expand its production capacity heavily in the coming years.

Furthermore NedStack focuses on the development and production of a limited number of fuel cell systems for use in heavy duty transport applications like buses, boats and trucks and as large stationary power plants of up to 1MW.

NedStack employs around 50 people. For additional information about NedStack see our website:


Contactpersoon: Lute Huiting
Functie: Controller
Vestiging: Nedstack fuel cell technology B.V.
Adres: Westervoortsedijk 73
Postcode en Plaats: 6827 AV Arnhem
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Postcode en Plaats: 6802 ED Arnhem
Telefoon: +31 (0)26 319 7622