Hydrogen Webinar Series: Hydrogen sector in China and in the Netherlands

Het Netherlands Innovation Network China organiseert ook dit jaar weer een interessante serie webinars. Zij zeggen hier zelf het volgende over:

After the successful hosting of the five-episode webinar series in 2020 (, the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Guangzhou and the Netherlands Innovation Network China are planning on an in-depth follow-up webinar series for 2021. Diving deeper in the topic of #hydrogen and providing an even better overview of the hydrogen sector in #China and in the Netherlands.

What is hydrogen, what policies do China and the Netherlands have, what are the major projects from the private sector, what are the latest developments on green hydrogen production and what’s the focus of the main research institutes and universities.

In this 2021 series of four webinars we try to address these issues and give an in-depth analysis into the hydrogen sector from several angles with expert speakers from China and the Netherlands.

In the first episode, which will be on Wednesday, September 1st, 10:00 Dutch time, we will partner with the UNDP China and we will focus on a more general introduction into the Chinese hydrogen sector and zoom in on the latest policy updates, developments and several Dutch companies with active hydrogen projects in China.

Registreren voor het eerste webinar kan via deze link:

Ze zijn ook te volgen op YouTube:

Hier is meer te lezen over het webinar:

Hydrogen webinar series 2021 episode 1 combined