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Over Habonim Europe B.V

HABONIM produces H2 valves for fuel cell service. HABONIM solutions are certified ISO19880-3 for H2 fueling and ISO23826/TPED for H2 transportation.
HABONIM EUROPE B.V. leads the H2 market in Europe within HABONIM Group from its facilities in Zoetermeer. Factory and main design center remain headquartered in Israel.
HABONIM expertise stems from high-cycling and ultra-high-pressure solutions in gas markets, with a long track of successful design-to-cost, type approvals, and high-end application customization.

Actief in de volgende thema’s:

  • Techniek: Productie (Elektrolyse/etc.)
  • Techniek: Distributie (Leidingwerk/Appendages/Tankstation/etc.)
  • Techniek: Opslag (Fles/Tank/Trailer/etc.)
  • Techniek: Gebruik (Brandstofcel/Industrie/Mobiliteit/etc.)


Naam Bedrijf: Habonim Europe B.V.
Adres: Edelgasstraat 260, 2718 TC Zoetermeer
Tel. bedrijf: +31 (0)79 204 07 80
E-mailadres bedrijf:
Naam contactpersoon: Eduard Ametller
Functie contactpersoon: Managing Director
Tel. contactpersoon: +31 (0)6 19 35 91 80
E-mailadres contactpersoon: