#H2eroNetZero – Hydrogen Europe publishes Fit for 55 position paper

Hydrogen Europe is the European Association that combines the strengths of business and national associations, including that of the NWBA.

Hydrogen has seen an unprecedented development in the year 2020. From an innovative niche technology, it is fast becoming a systemic element in the European Union’s efforts to transition to a climate neutral society in 2050. The rapid development of hydrogen is not only important for meeting the EU’s climate objectives but also for preserving and enhancing the EU’s industrial and economic competitiveness, securing jobs and value creation in this high-tech sector. Europe is currently leading and it is imperative that Europe maintains this leadership position and seizes the current momentum for hydrogen technologies. The EU is well placed to become the birthplace of a global hydrogen economy denominated in Euro currency.

The “Fit for 55 Package” presents a unique opportunity to begin putting into place a concrete and fit for purpose framework for the development of clean hydrogen economy. In this paper you will find Hydrogen Europe’s recommendations on how hydrogen can:

– Unleash the potential of renewables;

– Bring “efficiency” to the energy “system” of the future;

– Enable a carbon neutral transport system.

The full document can be downloaded here.