Erik Middelman Innovation Award

Erik Middelman has been of great significance for the development of the Dutch hydrogen economy. He has many inventions to his name, such as the Reverse Electro Dialysis technology and thin-film solar cell technology. He is also the founder of NedStack and HyET. Unfortunately, Erik Middelman died at the age of 47.

In honour of Erik Middelman, the NWBA has created the Erik Middelman Innovation Award. This award is presented to people who, like Erik Middelman, have done pioneering work in boosting the hydrogen economy. The conditions are that they contribute, or have contributed, to increasing visibility, developing technology or business activities and bringing groups together.

Wall of fame
Jan Piet van der Meer

Has worked at Nedstack as director and has, together with Erik Middelman, led the development of Nedstack’s current fuel cell stack. He was also the initiator of several fuel cell application projects and was or is active within the FCH-JU, DutchHy, NWBA and RVO.

Alexander Hablé

Has done a lot of work within the Ministry of Transport to get hydrogen into the spotlight as a fuel.

Ian Williamson

For his involvement in the European Hydrogen Association.

Gijs Breda Vriesman

Because of his involvement from Shell in the New IG in Brussels, which led to European cooperation and the allocation of large budgets by the EU.

Frank Denys

Frank has done a lot at the Ministry of Economic Affairs to fund product development in the Netherlands.

Kees van der Klein

Due to actively managing a hydrogen development programme at ECN and DutchHy.

Jury 2021

1. Max Middelman
2. Jan Piet van der Meer
3. Patrick Cnubben

From left to right: Max Middelman, Jan Piet van der Meer with in the background Erik Middelman