Carla Jansen – Board member

NWBA board member Carla Jansen is Executive Assistant and CSR Coordinator at Teesing.

Teesing is an international supplier of couplings, pipes, valves, systems and assemblies for industrial applications, submicron technology and alternative energy in pneumatics, hydraulics, instrumentation and transportation of media.

At Teesing, Carla supports the CEO of the China office with a focus on the alternative energy market. Teesing’s view was and is that the hydrogen economy holds the future and she will focus on transportation over longer distances (greater range).

In order to monitor developments within the EU, Teesing has been member of the NWBA since 2008 and Carla joined the NWBA board in November 2016.

As part of the board, Carla mainly focuses on the development of the new website, the newsletter and on workshops. “I enjoy keeping track of all the developments and learning from all the members who are active in the field of hydrogen. I’ve noticed that hydrogen is not only applicable for transportation. It is much broader than that, and it is also being applied more and more widely. The more widely hydrogen is used, the faster hydrogen will be accepted.”
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