Clean Hydrogen Monitor 2022

Hydrogen Europe is proud to share the publication of the 2022 edition of its Clean Hydrogen Monitor.

Clean hydrogen is set to play a critical role in mitigating global warming and its effects on human societies and ecosystems. While hydrogen has been used in industry in large volumes for decades, the clean hydrogen market is only emerging.

The Clean Hydrogen Monitor aims to provide facts and figures on the current hydrogen market in Europe, the development of the clean hydrogen market, the industry’s ambitions, the policy and funding landscape, as well as the supply capacity of some critical raw materials.

In this edition you will find coverage and analysis of the numerous significant policy developments for hydrogen over the course of this year, from REPowerEU to the Renewable Energy Directive and the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation.

The report also takes readers through the current hydrogen market, the increasing industry ambitions for clean hydrogen, and clean hydrogen’s improving cost competitiveness, leading to a planned power-to-hydrogen project pipeline of 138GWel by 2030. However, even though the pipeline of projects is growing, projects are being delayed due to regulatory uncertainty, expectations of future financial incentives, and supply chain or permitting issues.

A new addition to this report is a perspective on critical raw materials. Chapter 6 focuses on the annual production of platinum and palladium, as two of the key materials for the hydrogen economy used in both fuel cells and electrolysers.

Stephen Jackson, Chief Technology & Market Officer for Hydrogen Europe, said: “This third edition of Hydrogen Europe’s Clean Hydrogen Monitor provides a window for stakeholders into the ins and outs of the sector’s development in Europe. We hope you will find it useful as we continue to work towards our common goals.”

He added: “The time is now for the deployment of European hydrogen projects. We must turn our hydrogen plans from pipe dreams to pipelines, and we must do it fast.”