Alexander Hablé, winner of the 5th “Erik Middelman Innovation Award”

Yesterday during the H2 Conference of the Dutch Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association the director, Jan Piet van der Meer and Marleen Middelman, have handed out the 5th “Erik Middelman Innovation Award” in honor of Erik Middelman who deceased in 2009.

The winner of the award has made a significant contribution (either technical, organizational or both) to the promotion and realization of the Fuel cell and Hydrogen development in the Netherlands.

All things considered, after many potential candidates, the conclusion has been made that the winner is: Alexander Hablé, from the ministery of Environment and Infra structure.

Alexander has been known for more than 12,5 years in the Fuel cell and Hydrogen world. He has spent a lot of time to convince his colleagues at the ministry about the potential of the fuel cell and hydrogen technology. An important milestone has been the launch of the bus plan in 5 cities, with a  total of 10 hydrogen-electric buses. The so called Hablé buses.

Alexander will retire next year from the Ministery and will be followed up by Dirk Schaap.