HyMove B.V. tekent overeenkomst met Chinees bedrijf HPI voor de productie van brandstofcelsystemen

29 juni 2017

Huai’an Powerful Industry (HPI) Co. Ltd gaat waterstofvoertuigen bouwen met brandstofcelsystemen van HyMove De Arnhemse producent van waterstof brandstofcelsystemen, ...

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Automakers are betting on hydrogen-powered cars— here are 12 in the works

13 juni 2017

Automakers are lining up to invest in hydrogen-powered vehicles, even though the big bucks are still being spent on ...

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CHIC Final Report – Public Part

12 juni 2017

Last week the CHIC Final Report D5.3 (technical part) has been approved by the FCH JU. Please feel free ...

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Toyota unveils plans to build a fleet of heavy-duty, hydrogen-powered trucks

2 juni 2017

Toyota unveiled its plan today to build a fleet of heavy-duty, zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell trucks. The move is ...

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